Saturday, 21 June 2008

Quelle autre interprétation proposer? Scott McLemee may bite his thumb at Valentin Temkine, the French schoolteacher who claims to have cracked the Godot code, but I think he’s onto something: Godot, whom Vladimir and Estragon are waiting for, is a Resistance smuggler, who is supposed to smuggle them out of occupied France into the Italian zone. The two of them are Jews on the run who come from Paris’ 11 arrondissement. They are probably waiting to be rescued in the spring of 1943 on the dry, limestone heights of the Southern Alps, somewhere like the Plateau de Valensole. My French is terrible, but here, roughly, is what Temkine says: Waiting for Godot is very nearly a fable of the occupation. People sleep in ditches and aren’t surprised to be beaten. A man and his servant, laden with possessions, are in flight from somewhere to somewhere. Everything was different “a million years ago, in the nineties.” And two people are to meet a third whom they know only by a single name, a code-name as it were; they don’t know why they’re to meet him, but it matters. If the assignation fails they’re to try again in 24 hours, meanwhile hanging about as inconspicuously as possible. It takes little insight to recognize details from some tale about Resistance groups[.] Like I said, my French is terrible … which is why I quoted Hugh Kenner recapitulating the argument he first made in 1973’s A Reader’s Guide to Samuel Beckett. Few understand the compulsion to “make it new” better than Kenner—his best work embodies the ethos it describes—but enlivening moribund themes, forms or arguments entails more than mere repetition. Because, as we all know, repetition breeds zombies. (The unenlivened dead arise, chase away the interlopers and hold mandatory office hours, &c.) Grouse away about Google eating brains, it should have a beneficial effect on the duplication of scholarly arguments. See? [I planned on writing about someone declaring they can prove Homer was a woman, complete with links to Samuel Butler's The Authoress of the Odyssey (1897), but it turns out someone has already staked claim on my insufficiently absurd example. I'm not sure whether I feel chastened or depressed, but I do know that I don't know how to finish this post now. I should just stop. I can't go on. I'll go on. Or not.]
Pity the poor supremacists You would assume women would love to date someone who calls himself "The Great White Elf" and writes poetry like: I am howling all night and prowling till the early light. I hunger for blood and desire the fight. I am the alpha male seeking my mate and for her alone I will wait. That's from "Werewolves Are Everywhere." More evidence—not that we really needed any—that white supremacists don't know from meter. What? We do need more evidence? Really? How about this, from "I've Got Relatives in Mexico": Each time I’ve fought back anger At the stupidity of their race Who think a white man wouldn’t know From where this infestation takes place Convinced yet? No? Have you read "Vote for Ron Paul"? This’ll make you mad At least I think But the guy you love Will make things stink! In this election None of the candidates are good Except one, that’s all Who every freedom lover loves And that’s Ron Paul But I digress. This isn't a post about the inability of white supremacists to grok meter. This is a post about white supremacy and the contemporary dating scene. Reading the dating forum at Storm/front really humanizes white supremacists. Who hasn't had something like this happen to them? I was talking to this girl at a bar once and we were kinda hitting it off well. I kept staring at her boobs and she kept staring at my crotch. I had kids and she had kids. I showed her pictures of my beautiful white kids and she showed me pictures of her half apes. My stomach immediately started turning. Who among you wouldn't call her a "race traitor" and stomp off? How can you not sympathize with the jilted lover who "found out a week before [his] wedding—which was canceled, you're about to see why—that [his] fiancee was half-Jewish"? Or with the fellow the Jews refuse let be loved? that while there are many pro nazi websites and resources on the web, there is honestly NOT ONE PLACE on the web for aryan/nazi personals or even a nazi singles chat, where it would be possible to talk to and connect with like minded female nazis/hitler fans. secondly on "regular" personals sites when i specify i am looking for an "aryan BBW, must be into hitler/nazism with a pro nazi stance," many sites will delete your account for the nazi content, presumably jewish owned operations. These stories are human stories; their pain, human pain. Like this guy: I just got out of a relationship were I didn't mention my beliefs in the begining but after getting to know her they couldn't help but to come out. Needless to say, when she insisted to buy Hebrew International Hot-dogs at the market it was the straw that broke the camel's back! That relationship was doomed from the start—she was never going to hate the Jews like he hates the Jews. Or maybe she could have? Maybe this lad's should've tricked her into...

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