“Thank Heaven he isn’t [alive today]” is quite a sentiment to say about the disabled, but what can you do?   Hunchback or no, “he would probably be an avid RED!”  I wonder when this exchange took place—the red-baiting obviously dates it, but then again, maybe it doesn’t.  We hear about “reds” and “commies” from contemporary conservatives now too, but I doubt any of the current commentariat would have heard of, much less read, Bourne.

As for the quotation I sought:

We have been kneaded so successfully that we approve of what our society approves, desire what our society desires, and add to the group our own passionate inertia against change, against the effort of reason, and the adventure of beauty.

Goldberg and his ilk have little choice but to evince “passionate inertia against change,” no matter what form that change might take. They believe, mistakenly, the status quo is a castle keep in which we were born and must defend — Bourne reminds us society is a La Madeleine on wheels staffed by mad tireless bakers, adrift on the plains of history.