So I’m mini-hiatus bound — dissertation to be “finished” this week, whatever that means — but I’ve run face-first into a vocabularian’s nightmare. I need to talk about disparate political interests uniting under a common banner a la the Republican Party, but because I can’t slip into German I’m hard-pressed to find a verb that adequately accounts for “the processual quality of coming together for pragmatic political reasons.”

The word I need is “coalitioning,” but that’s not a word so much as a monstrosity.  The root of “coalition” is “coalesce,” i.e. “to cause to grow together, to unite, combine.”  Only “coalesce” doesn’t connote the unhardy politics of “coalition” my argument requires.

I think I’m stuck re-verbing a previously nouned verb to get my point across.  Next thing you know, I’ll be redeconstructionating the phallologodiscursive elementalariness of das Ding and then why haven’t you shot me already yet?

Suggestions as to how I might forestall death please?