Monday, 22 September 2008

Ha Ha Ha Not Funny. (For those who prefer their funny straight, here's a post about me catching two students having sex in my office. Enjoy!) Had terrible insomnia last night. About 4 a.m. the cats triple-teamed the litter box. Cleaned it. Ran out of litter. Remembered I had more litter in the car. Walked down three flights of stairs and approached my car. WHOOP WHOOP! Cars only talk to other cars, I think, and continue to walk toward my car. WHOOP WHOOP! I look at the cruiser. A hand appears from the window and waves. Exhausted and somewhat confused, I waved back. WHOOP WHOOP! Now the hand points to the ground immediately next to the cruiser. I walk over. What is your business here? Cat litter, I reply. A little late to be buying cat litter, isn't it? I already bought it, I say, and point at the trunk my car. So if I open up your trunk there, all I'm going to find is cat litter, then? And a case of Dr. Pepper. I wanted that too. You live around here? I point to my building. There's been a report of a burglary and suspicious persons near here. I'll need to see some ID. I don't have any. You normally come down at 4 a.m. to fetch litter without ID? Normally I'm not awake. I have insomnia. I'm going to need you to put your hands behind your back and spread your legs. I comply, and for the first time in my adult life have my face pressed on the hood of a police cruiser. You're fine. Before you pop the trunk for me, you're sure I'm not going to find any surprises? I may have left a winter coat in there. No dope, no open containers, just Pepsi, litter, and maybe a jacket? I decide finding Dr. Pepper instead of Pepsi isn't the kind of surprise he means and bite my lip while he roots around. What's in this then? I crane my head backwards to look at the nondescript box in his hand and decide honesty is the best policy, so I tell him I have no idea what is in that then. So you can't say that it's not dope? I say I can certainly say that. The litter and Pepsi checks out. I'm not sure whether he says that to me or the squawker on his neck, so I say Mm-Hm. He puts the litter, the Dr. Pepper and the mysterious box on the hood of my car and waves me to him. You need to know what's in your boxes, you know? I tell him I know. How am I supposed to know this isn't stolen property if you don't know what's in it? I nod my head and tell him I should know what's in my boxes and that I'm not sure why I don't know what's in that one. So how can you be sure it's not dope? I say I'm not the sort of person...

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