Wednesday, 10 September 2008

BREAKING NEWS: OBAMA IS AYERS IS ANNENBERG (x-posted.) Irony is delicious. WLS is upset because one manufactured scandal drowned out the The New York Times’s coverage of the most important unreported story ever. If you’re of the opinion that the McCain campaign is overstuffed with tactical geniuses dedicated to sitting on the sordid tale of the Annenberg Challenge until closer to the election, listen up, because I’m about to tell a story. It begins, as Tom Maguire writes, “[a]t a White House event with Bill Clinton [where] philanthropist Walter Annenberg announced that he was making a $500 million grant to cities across the nation to put towards public school reform.” The intrigue and perfidy originate, as does everything currently wrong with the country, with Bill Clinton and a leftist billionaire cast in the Soros mold. Bill Ayers, former WU terrorist and Annenberg’s brother-in-ideology, requested and received $50 million for urban enrichment programs which would, in accordance with the core beliefs of all involved, function as leftist indoctrination camps. While much is known and reviled about Ayers and his personal choice to chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge’s board, Barack Obama, relatively little attention has been paid to their benefactor—the man who personally approved Ayers’s $150 million plan to put the Che back in Chicago—Walter Annenberg. Annenberg arrived on the national scene when he and his father, Philadelphia publisher Moses “Moe” Annenberg, were charged with evading $3,258,809 in income taxes. Although based in Philadelphia, the Annenberg clan’s ties with the Chicago political machine were already well-established: his co-defendants included “James M. Ragen Sr., Chicago, former general manager of Nation-wide News Service, Inc.; James M. Ragen Jr., Chicago, son of the Nation-wide general manager; Charles W. Bidwill, Chicago, head of a printing company and owner of the Chicago Cardinals, professional football club; [and] Herbert S. Kamin, Chicago.”[1] His father was successfully prosecuted, but Walter avoided jail-time. He spent the better part of the next decade in a manner befitting a billionaire wastrel: rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood elite.[2] When he assumed control of his father’s publishing empire after Moses’s death in 1952, Annenberg used those Hollywood connections to start a little magazine called TV Guide. Under his stewardship, Triangle Publications waged war against conservative American values from the pages of Seventeen to the stages of American Bandstand. As the 1952 election neared, he hosted countless fundraisers for the first “eggheaded” political neophyte from Illinois whose Presidential aspirations were dashed by a humble war hero: Adlai Stevenson. At an exclusive Malibu Beach estate, the Los Angeles Times reported, Annenberg convened “[m]ore than 40 State and national Republican Party leaders [for] dinner with Sen. Nixon, who flew [there] from Denver to meet with them.”[3]. That doesn’t sound—never mind. Even hard-core communist sympathizers can have a day of clarity. Annenberg’s solstice of sanity ended with a winter chill. As the end of Eisenhower’s second term neared, the Kennedy clan courted the powerful publisher’s for support in the 1960 elections: “Vice-President and Mrs. Nixon were hosts at a small dinner party in their Forest...

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