Thursday, 04 September 2008

Voter registration data; or, HERE IS YOUR HOPE, YOU FOOLS! (x-posted.) (Title updated to reflect the awesomeness of information contain within the post.) Eric’s comment got me thinking about the effect new voter registration would have on the upcoming election. I looked high and low for some hard numbers but found none. So, being the “citizen journalist” I am, I scoured the internet and crunched them myself. All the information comes from the states themselves. I’ve noted the period of time the numbers cover (as the data varies between states) as well as any circumstances preventing me from drawing firm conclusions. If you’re able to locate any of the data that eluded me, drop a note in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. If you don’t feel like digging through the numbers, here’s the short answer: if I were a Republican, I’d be very, very worried. Alabama: [not broken down by party affiliation] Src Alaska: Alaska: 2,836 Republicans, 2,628 Democrats, 6,825 Independents (no aff. & all other) From March 4 to September 4 Src: March 4, September 4 Arizona: 32,141 Republicans, 68,480 Democrats, 4,359 Other From January 1 to September 2 Src: January 1, September 2 Arkansas: [not broken down by party affiliation] Src California: 46,497 Republicans, 417,793 Democrats, 117,313 Independents From January to May 19 Src: January 1, May 19 Colorado: 13,352 Republicans, 66,516 Democrats, 23,437 Independents Src Connecticut: [can only locate 2007 data] Src Delaware: 676 Republican, 4,428 Democrats, 2,200 Independents From July 1 to September 1 Src: July 1, September 1 Florida: 77,196 Republican, 209,422 Democrat, 26,100 Independents From January to June Src Georgia: [broken down by race not party affiliation] Src Hawaii: [can’t locate] Src Idaho: [not broken down by party affiliation] Src Illinois: [can’t locate] Src Indiana: [not broken down by party affiliation] Src Iowa: 7,515 Republicans, 69,301 Democrats, -62,922 Independents From January to August Src: January, August Kentucky: [wants money] Src Louisiana: [page won’t load—likely underwater] Src Maine: [last updated November 2006] Src Maryland: 4,260 Republicans, 12,338 Democrats, 5,544 Independents From January to July Src Massachussetts: [only January data] Src: January Michigan: [not broken down by party affiliation] Src Minnesota: [not broken down by party affiliation] Src Mississippi: [can’t locate] Src Missouri: [not broken down by party affiliation] Src Montana: [paged won’t load—I blame moose] Src Nebraska: [can’t locate] Src Nevada: 1,230 Republicans, 51,457 Democrats, 7,550 Independents From January to August Src: January, August New Hampshire: -1,285 Republicans, 1,188 Democrats, 269 Independents From June 12 to August 18 Src: June 12, August 18 New Jersey: [can’t locate] Src New Mexico: [only has May data] Src New York: -1,526 Republicans, 102,559 Democrats, -164 Blanks From November 1 to March 1 Src: November 1, March 1 North Carolina: 20,363 Republicans, 171,955 Democrats, 123,605 Unaffiliated From January 5 to August 30 Src: January 5, August 30 North Dakota: [the only state without voter registration] Src Ohio: [not released] Src Oklahoma: [only has January data] Src Oregon: -13,349 Republicans, 122,518 Democrats From January to July Src Pennsylvania: 289 Republicans, 98,137 Democrats, 15,907 Independents (no aff....

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