Tuesday, 31 March 2009

He has a habit of saying things like “You’re all a bunch of bastards!” Conservatives are upset at the classless behavior of the Obamas when they met with the Queen and Prince Philip today, and I must say, they have a point. An iPod loaded with show tunes and the footage she requested of her 2007 visit to the States? Show tunes? Even if they matched the ones in the signed Rodgers and Hammerstein songbook, and even if that songbook would be rare given that Rodgers died in 1979, the Queen is a cultural icon of taste and sophistication. She would never stoop to listening to, much less having songs from hackneyed musicals performed during some sort of formal summit. Outrageous . . . but not the worst of the Obamateurisms the world witnessed today: He is a complete idiot, but OMG did you see Michelle’s arms? She’s actually quite petit and feminine, for a sasquatch. At least Lady MacBeth had the decency to cover up those ham-slabs she calls arms when going to meet the Queen. Too bad it looked like a cat spit up on her head, though. Michelle is a monster, the Isle of Man could fit under that tent! She walks like a baboon. And she’s obviously packing on the pounds. MSM, stop comparing MO with Jackie Kennedy. It makes you look silly. Jackie was about as big around as one of MO’s thighs. Horrible outfit on our First Wookie. As my British mother-in-law would say, “What common people.” Set aside, for the moment, the fact that the people who bemoan the Obamas’ ostensible classlessness mock his wife with all the maturity of the kids who mistakenly thought they ran with the popular crowd, because I’ve not yet revealed the most horrifying Obamateurism of the day. It seems the fairer Obama may have slighted Prince Philip in some small manner of decorum. Under normal circumstances, that would not have been alright, but . . . They started wars over less in history. They have! And to have slighted, of all people, Prince Philip, why I’m almost embarrassed to call Obama my Presi—wait, that wouldn’t be acclaimed the dontopedalogist would it? Really? Give me a fuc—on second thought, take it away Eddie: (x-posted.)

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