Friday, 27 March 2009

Where does spam come from? As you may have noticed, the amount of spam scrolling down my sidebar has increased dramatically of late. This morning, for example, I deleted 22 comments consisting of: how to get young guy to do [something in/with the Cyrillic alphabet] very good teenagers that cut themselves cannoli ["margarina vegetale, farina di manitoba, acqua, sale, malto, zucchero"] I like iTouch myself help them ebony bikinis tiny cartoon porn videos very interesting monster of cocks fables to funny qwerty dreams Given the uptick, I thought I'd try to see where the spam came from. I tried to correlate the time the comment was posted with the reference in my site stats, but the result was meaningless. Take the cannoli comment, posted at 9:59 p.m. last night. Accounting for random lag (five minutes earlier and later), the people who could have posted that spam came from: a syllabus linking to my Dark Knight posts [which, by the way, very cool] moria's post on experimentation in seminar papers to my homepage my 271 notes post to my Five Year Rule post here urbino's link to My Morning a sundry links post livejournal to my post on that kerfuffle another link post via livejournal to DISADVENTURE! et al. a post on Watchmen to my posts on Watchmen Scott Madin's linking to the same at Shakesvilles a couple of random pilgrims worshipping at the Shrine of Hello Kitty All of those links and search results seem legitimate. (Unless I'm wrong about the livejournalers, but they seem like actual people.) Moreover, the comment itself was on this post. How did it get there without registering in my stats? I see no hits to that post in the entire hour before or after. Where did it come from that it can do that?

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