Friday, 08 May 2009

Gays are like ninjas that way. Beyerstein and Benen rightly point out that Jeff Session’s magnanimous decision not to automatically disqualify a gay nominee is an intellectually dishonest ruse designed to preserve the intellectual dishonesty of his fellow Republicans. “We could imagine seating a gay judge, but their position on gay issues would align them with the far left and we think a moderate justice would better serve the needs of the American people.” Not that they’d ever say that—but of course they would. I yield the floor to the gentlemen from Georgia: “It’s something I’d have to think through with respect to whatever issues might be forthcoming that the court may have to consider.” More interesting than the predictable hypocrisy of bigots are the reponses from Session’s compatriots: “It’s not been part of the calculus for me,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. “I have never, frankly, thought about that situation,” said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the GOP standard-bearer in the 2008 presidential election. “I’ve never thought about it,” said Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn.). Why did it never cross their minds that a gay person might aspire to a position on the highest court of the land? Most would say it has something to do with them being incapable of sympathizing with a good chunk of their constituency. They wouldn’t be wrong. But I like to think this befuddlement a sign that the rainbow cloaks and resplendent daggers of the great homosexual conspiracy learned how to hide in plain sight. Instead of months of comminuted innuendo that amount to the fear that someone might someday marry his dog, conservatives will stroll blithely down the corridors of power completely unaware that a certain piece of legislation might be good for the gays until it’s too late to do anything about it. (x-posted.)
The Best of Acephalous 2008 I want to keep the preface short and snappy because I'll be linking to it in the sidebar someday, but for the record, I can't believe how much I write (do it daily and it just accumulates) nor how much happened to me last year. For some reason, I thought last year was largely drama-free, and it was . . . except for all the drama. (I'll save my meta-thoughts about Proust and journals for another day.) The Funny: Elderly Jews deserve our scorn. HA HA HA not funny. IT IS ALWAYS ALREADY CURTAINS FOR ME! In what follows I will be writing about signposts. I am become Hunter S. Thompson. This a finely crafted I wrote. What is it, with students and, with commas? Dawg, we is underscrewed. The Great California Earthquake Drill of 2008. Who will weep for the ugly duckling? "He longs longingly at his creation, his only wish that he could experience its birth again." Cylons have to eat too. "It is a descriptive word. Its description is emotional and resonates to people who have emotions." .edoc eht kcarc ot sdrawkcab ti daeR Why this blog isn't good anymore. Nothing is ever merely anything. ASCII is too awesome. Interview with a candidate for many jobs (but winner of none). Never has the ding been so pleasant. Tell me everything I need to know to be an expert. "fine i dont hear from u soon u reget it[.]" A brief history of bobulates. Never let cats chat. A goal accomplished. SEK is hating Facebook. Then Socrates admits it was always about the hats. Who among us doesn't aspire to be the Manny Ramirez of academia? "I devoted my life to that study for nearly three weeks, but when I re-read it, I realized I was utterly full of shit." My best Charles Atlas imitation. The Serious: This day in (fictional) history. Because who ever saw a black person swimming? Can anyone justify teaching Huck Finn? Liberal Fascism is a rank stupid book. No, really, Liberal Fascism is a rank stupid book. That thing I did with the voter registration data that got linked everywhere but was stupid dull writing-wise. The fine line between literary criticism and rank paranoia. That would be pretty damn important. Who really wrote that book the with the pResident's name on it? The first ever time I mentioned Watchmen on the blog. His death still bothers me. John Ziegler is an asshole. Two bits on The Wire. The Still Seriously Sad: "."

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