Friday, 14 August 2009

Suboptimal office design solutions. One of the joys of moving into a spacious new apartment is that furniture that had been dismantled and ingloriously stuffed in a closet can rejoin the family. Case in point: I have a La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Recliner that, for reasons of space and decor, had been broken down and forced to live in a storage closet. But now that the wife and I have a spacious new office, it rides again: That disorganized bookshelf juts four feet into the center of the room, so there's a significant division between work-reading and recreational-reading areas—and when I say "significant," I mean "significant in the sense that distinguishing mental spaces with actual furniture makes it possible to move from one mindset to another by walking across the room." There is but one problem. Certain sounds are strongly associated with the process of falling asleep. The hum of an air conditioner in an otherwise quiet house or the purring of a cat nestled between my pillow and the wall knock me right out. Now note how wide the chief pillow of my recliner is and how brightly the light shines in through the window in the reading nook. What have I created? I have created the perfect ad hoc cat perch. Which means every time I sit down to read, a cat hops atop my chair and begins purring and I immediately fall asleep. For those who are about to suggest that I simply remove the cat from atop my chair, keep in mind that he has a very short memory. Two minutes later he or one of his cohorts will return and I will fall asleep again. I think this falls under the category of moderate DESIGN FAIL, inasmuch as I now have a napping chair.

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