Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mandatory online office hours: SEK: It looks like everyone is here. How about we begin by introducing ourselves. I'll start: Hi, I'm Scott, and I grade your things. princesshotpantz: I'm Sally and you probably hate grading my things. SEK: I don't discriminate: I hate grading all things. chompchompchomp: i'm pho and i just woke up five minutes ago to join this chat WrAtHyKhAn: I'm Lou and I hate writing things. chompchompchomp: seems like we're all in agreement we hating writing and you hate grading so we shouldn't write anything for this class SEK: I suppose you think I should just give you all A's too. princesshotpantz: No . . . maybe B's. WrAtHyKhAn: We can pick any topic? SEK: So you don't want to write anything, but you want to start writing it now? I see. princesshotpantz: I just need more guidance on my topic so I can start thinking about writing. I like the discussion in Chapter 2 so far though. SEK: So you like Chapter 2. If you want to write on the topics discussed there, where should you look? chompchompchomp: foottoes SEK: Are connected to the . . . ? WrAtHyKhAn: Ankle bones. chompchompchomp: *footnoses SEK: Now you're doing it on purpose. chompchompchomp: *footNOTES chompchompchomp: sorry just woke up princesshotpantz: So I should look at the footnotes? SEK: That's where the citations live. WrAtHyKhAn: Is it dumb that I want to do a little research before I actually choose my topic? SEK: Not at all. That is, in fact, what I'm trying to trick you into doing. SEK: Did I type that out loud? WrAtHyKhAn: Your jig is up. princesshotpantz: Don't jig up Scott. He's the one who grades our stuff. SEK: Are you still with us Lou? SEK: I know you're in here. SEK: I CAN SEE YOU TYPING! chompchompchomp: yeah my bad i'm thinking SEK: Thinking's your good, not your bad. I just wanted to make sure you weren't dead. chompchompchomp: i'm thinking for a question but then i got shot. seems i am dead. SEK: NO ONE DIES ON MY WATCH! princesshotpantz: Where should we find those articles from the footnotes? SEK: I'll give you a hint: those library tutorials weren't busywork. chompchompchomp: the library website! SEK: Someone is finally awake and has his head in the game. chompchompchomp: >< SEK: Are you tweaking now Lou? chompchompchomp: wait . . . chompchompchomp: tweaking? chompchompchomp: are you saying what I think you're saying? SEK: South Park. Tweek. Too much caffeine: >< chompchompchomp: then maybe i am tweaking. i don't know south park tweaking though. princesshotpantz: Can anyone answer these questions or are you asking a specific person about the library? SEK: Anyone can answer any time. SEK: It's a party! SEK: So what does Ben-Shahar mean by flow? SEK: Feel free to answer any day now. SEK: You people type like old people. chompchompchomp: like old people what? SEK: Simmer down now. What are you people doing anyway? princesshotpantz: "Flow is a state in which one is immersed in...

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