Friday, 15 January 2010

My exclusive interview with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin... ...can be read here or found below the fold. SEK: Welcome, folks, to my first (and most certainly last) interview with former Vice Presidential-candidate, Sarah Palin. Before we start, Sarah, I want to read what I wrote last night in my journal—I'm only kidding. That wouldn't be professional. How about we start with an easy one? I know how much you love circles, Sarah, so how about you talk in one for me? PALIN: The political system is what creates this disenchantment with the people looking at the political system. SEK: You are a marvel. Now, say something that reveals yourself to be even dumber than your haters think you are about, say, the results of the last election. PALIN: That is not a representative form of government that our country was founded upon. SEK: It certainly isn't. I mean, it can't be. Governments are only representative when they represent the perspective of— PALIN: Common sense conservatives. SEK: With— PALIN: Common sense conservative values. That's why you see pressure from the tea party movement, from others, wanting to—wanting those common sense conservative values back in. SEK: Such as? PALIN: Common sense solutions that sometimes we're made to feel stupid because we believe in these common sense solutions. SEK: Exactly. Do you think things will change? PALIN: I think things are going to change, too. And if you look back in history, you see that it is about—every 200 years, something drastically changes in a society, in a culture, in a governmental system. We're due for that change—just on a historical perspective, it shows us that yes, something is coming. SEK: You really believe that? PALIN: I do believe it, because again, we can't be so stupid as to see these common sense solutions. SEK: Speaking of the future, is it here today? PALIN: Already the change is creating this unrecognizable system that we're a part of. SEK: In the past, could the French see into the future, and if so, how would they feel about the French today? PALIN: Even the French recognized, too, the potential in this free country. And the French gifted the Statue of Liberty to us, in partnership, this international symbol of liberty and freedom—the French hoping that we wouldn't lose that and we won't evolve into something more along their lines. SEK: Precisely. One last thing: can you prove that the copy-editors at Fox are out to get you? PALIN: Well, let me tell you one thing in that vain. SEK: Thank you, Governor Palin, it's been a pleasure. PALIN: And the people are going to decide and I think he is going go and it is time. SEK: Thank you, Governor, the interview's over. You— PALIN: My favorite. That would be great. SEK: Your favorite? Favorite what? Seriously, Madame Governor, you— PALIN: Gems. Gems representing the natural resources in our nation. SEK: Gems? PALIN: Yes. I thought, oh, no, he's going to do a gotcha and that's why I google—I had Track google real...

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