Monday, 04 October 2010

The fact that it sounds like they're planning a rape is a coincidence. While the fact that none of the major conservative blogs have rushed to O’Keefe’s defense is amusing, the document CNN acquired is not. Or only differently. It contains statements like: That the people planning the prank—O’Keefe included—know that O’Keefe’s normal persona (or “personality”) is “sleazy” shows improved judgment on their part, at least as concerns character. Association? Not so much. Most reasonable people would rather not associate with someone they consider sleazy. They also seem to have a problem with hyphens and parallelism (or a very odd notion of what goes on necklaces), but grammar is less significant than the fact that they believed she would fall for something “entirely over the top.” Going over the top, much less “entirely over the top,” involves creating situations that cross beyond the boundary of believability and into the realm of the unbelievable. The unbelievable (yet merely exaggerated) persona O’Keefe would have employed wouldn’t have been an element of the prank so much as its undoing. Even if circumstances conspired such that his dress and demeanor didn’t tip Abbie Boudreau off—for example, she could have gone to an eye doctor for an ear infection and boarded the boat with her ears plugged and eyes dilated—the room he had planned for her quickly would: The only possible conclusion is that they never planned to prank her but merely wanted enough footage so that they could later edit to make it appear as if they pranked her. They come out and say as much: All they want to do is “keep her on the boat” long enough to score footage for some future redaction. They even wrote a script in which the “catalytic [sic] moment” would be having Boudreau call O’Keefe’s unprofessional behavior what it clearly is: I’m sure they had some entirely unrelated matter against which to juxtapose her accurate assessment of O’Keefe’s behavior, but as that will inevitably be juxtaposed against some other entirely unrelated matter, I think we should all focus on what this lot thought their joke would prove: I don’t want to be the guy who “writes” posts that consist mostly of photographs, but since they speak for themselves, here are the “hot blondes” who work at CNN: And here are the “hot blondes” who work at O’Keefe’s de facto employer: The fact that I had to make the CNN one myself whereas the FOX was alreadyfloating around out there makes me wonder what tables they thought they were turning (and on whom)?
I see what you did there. Wendy A. Goldman took to Big Hollywood today and unveiled her new production company like a student communicating in her introduction that her entire essay will be filler: Movies have the power to make us laugh or cry, to anger or inspire us, to move us, or just to provide escape. And, sometimes, they have a power beyond simple entertainment; they can influence new ways of thinking, feeling and pursuing our lives. Those are the kinds of sentences that you write when you’re not trying to say anything, not when you’re trying to introduce your new production company to the world. Her second paragraph is a marginal improvement, as it at least indicates why she feels the world needs another generic person to start another pointless production company: Movies are also one of the primary arenas in which the so-called “culture war” is fought, where the battle for the hearts and minds of the public, and the conflict between values considered traditional and conservative, and those considered progressive or liberal is played out—reaching people in a profound, instinctive way. What a precise and crisply written sentence. If she thinks as clearly as she writes, she deserves the seed money required to battle the conflict between traditional and conservative values and reach people in a more profoundly instinctive way. In short, despite all her talk of battles and conflicts, hers is a peaceful company whose conflict battlers will be merely metaphorical: It is with this in mind that we have launched Crusader Pictures. Crusade means the vigorous advancement of a cause, and the cause at the heart of Crusader Pictures is to produce entertainment which stands up for individual liberty in a manner that will appeal to a wide audience. She thinks “crusade” means what now? Because according to the final authority on the matter, the Oxford English Dictionary, it means: 1. a. Hist. A military expedition undertaken by the Christians of Europe in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. b. transf. Any war instigated and blessed by the Church for alleged religious ends, a ‘holy war’; applied esp. to expeditions undertaken under papal sanction against infidels or heretics. 2. fig. An aggressive movement or enterprise against some public evil, or some institution or class of persons considered as evil. 3. A papal bull or commission authorizing a crusade, or expedition against infidels or heretics. 4. Span. Hist. A levy of money, or a sum raised by the sale of indulgences, under a document called Bula de la cruzada, originally for aggression or defence against the Moors, but afterwards diverted to other purposes. 5. a. A marking with the cross; the symbol of the cross, the badge borne by crusaders. b. fig. (with allusion to ‘cross’ in the sense of trial or affliction). Note the common thread there? “Crusade” does not mean “the vigorous advancement of a cause,” but 1. a. the vigorous advancement of a Christian cause against Muslims, b. people like...

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