Wednesday, 10 November 2010

James O'Keefe is a credit to his ideology. A man in a bar purchased a drink for a special education teacher, Alissa Ploshnick, attending a conference on special education law. Over the course of the conversation, which the man was secretly recording, Ploshnick never mentioned how, back in 1997, she’d thrown herself between her special education students and an out-of-control van and suffered severe injuries that still pain her today, nor did she mention the letter she received from President Clinton praising her for her actions that afternoon. She did inform the man that the state of tenure in New Jersey is such that she once witnessed another teacher—one who is not an award-winning, student-lives-saving special education teacher—yell “You nigger!” at a student, and that this other teacher was merely demoted. This man, who had plied her with drinks, as a professional journalist should, and recorded her words without her knowledge, as a professional journalist should, then brought the tape of Ploshnick recounting what happened to another teacher to James O’Keefe, who then posted it, with captions, on the Project Veritas Youtube channel. The relevant moment looks like this: In response to criticism that followed Ploshick being suspended and docked a pay raise for recounting what another teacher had said, Project Veritas posted a video in which it prefaced her comments with this: That’s right: O’Keefe and company claim that the word “nigger” is so volatile that there is no context capable of mitigating its appearance in response to a video in which they captioned someone thus: No context can mitigate its appearance, it seems, unless that context is “targeting an award-winning, student-lives-saving special education teacher for matters of political convenience.” Put differently: If you believe anything even resembling the title of this post, you are a terrible person and never to be taken seriously again.

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