Wednesday, 08 December 2010

This “it” may be the “that” that’s so far up with which it can’t be put. I confess that it’s Week Ten in the UC system, and as such, I’m swamped with the duties that make me a responsible teacher. But as a cancer survivor myself, I can’t let this pass. In his post about her dying words, Donald Douglas writes: The story’s trending at Memeorandum. And at ABC News, “Elizabeth Edwards Won’t Receive Anymore Cancer Treatment: John Edwards’ Joins Family at His Wife’s Side.” But I notice at her farewell statement an odd aspect to her “three saving graces”: She doesn’t list faith in God as one of them[.] I repeat: the first words Donald Douglas writes about the death of a mother of three is, and I quote, “[t]he story’s trending.” I repeat: “[t]he story’s trending.” That’s what death is to him: an opportunity to capitalize, via traffic, from the death of a political opponent. That Donald Douglas doesn’t even go through the motions – can’t even fathom that her acceptance of her fate was hers own, and accomplished with dignity, says something more terrible about Donald Douglas than anything I could write. Donald Douglas should stick to posting nude images of women the same age as his students. Better yet, while Donald Douglas publishes nude images of women the same age as his students, he should think about why I had insomnia last night: There’s a word for your face, for the teeth you have left, and that word is danger, grave danger, because that word is “fear,” but it sounds like “snap,” because that word is “pain,” and it whistles, up through the lungs it’s got left, “What happened to my teeth? My teeth. What happened — to my — tee-th.” Court it within shot of my ears – my ears – again, and the word whispered will be “death.” Two syllables, you see, not one, but two: “Death.” But not – not – before “pain.” Never before “pain.” Would that we had a Pembleton — a righteously unhypocritical Christian who-knows-better-but-still is of the sort seen 1:05 seconds into this clip — instead of the likes of Donald Douglas, who believes his Christian duty is to talk “trending” about the recently departed and post to nude images of women the same age as his students.

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