Saturday, 13 August 2011

No one would attend them if I could. SEK is meeting with a FORMER STUDENT at his apartment complex to discuss a letter of recommendation. Because SEK's porch occupies his office while his complex paints his porch, the student and SEK decide to take advantage of the weather and discuss medical applications out by the pool. SEK: Med school won't be easy blah blah blah you need to demonstrate your work ethic blah blah bl— POLICE CAR: WHOOP WHOOP! SEK: I recognize that voice. Indeed he does. Three POLICE CARS pull up next to the pool, followed by a FIRE TRUCK and an AMBULANCE. He and his student watch as the POLICE rush into an upstairs apartment while the FIREFIGHTERS remain by the ground with a stretcher. FORMER STUDENT: That happen a lot here? SEK: First time since I've moved in. Wonder what happened? A group of CHILDREN approach the FIREFIGHTERS down by the stairs for autographs. SEK didn't know FIREFIGHTERS gave out autographs. SEK: I didn't know firefighters gave out autographs. The FIREFIGHTERS each take out a business card, autograph the back, and hand them to the CHILDREN. The CHILDREN exit. SEK: But they obviously do. The FIREFIGHTERS grab the strecher and carry it up the stairs. SEK and his former student sit transfixed. More POLICE begin to mull about the bottom of the stairs. Ten minutes pass. Suddenly, the door of the apartment slams open and the FIREFIGHTERS carry the stretcher back down. On it is a WOMAN HANDCUFFED TO THE STRETCHER. WOMAN HANDCUFFED TO THE STRETCHER: But! But! But! That is all SEK and FORMER STUDENT can hear from their position. The POLICE and FIREFIGHTERS escort her to an ambulance, and as quickly as they all arrived, they're gone. FORMER STUDENT: What just happened? SEK: I have no clue. FORMER STUDENT: But it did. We just saw that. SEK: That we did. FORMER STUDENT: You just can't hold "normal" office hours, can you?

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