Friday, 05 April 2013

A tale of two classes Tuesday: The old, white math professor who teaches in the classroom before me did not release his students at 10:50, as he is supposed to. He did not release them at 11:00, when my class starts. At 11:05, I entered my classroom to find a room full of students, fast asleep, and the old, white math professor silently working on a problem on the whiteboard. When I informed him that I needed the room, his students stirred and made for the door, but he pointed at me and said, "I need to finish this problem." His students left. He went back to work. The old, white math professor continued to work at the far end of my classroom until 11:30, at which point he took out a notebook and copied what he'd written on the whiteboard. At 11:40 he noisily collected his books and markers and strode out of the room without a word. This is because the old, white math professor is an asshole. Thursday: The old, white math professor again refused to leave the room at 10:50, so today I the dashing young lecturer walked up to the podium and began to prepare for his class. He asked the old, white math professor if he was almost finished, but received no response. At 11:00 a.m., the old, white math professor picked up an eraser to correct some minor mistake on the whiteboard, at which point the dashing young lecturer smiled broadly, politely asked the old, white math professor if he needed help and, without waiting for a reply, promptly began erasing the entire whiteboard. The old, white math professor stared in horror at the dashing young lecturer -- who hopes he didn't erase the cure for cancer, but is otherwise extremely pleased with himself.
"Ebert's dead? About time. Two thumbs WAY up!" In lieu of memorializing Roger Ebert myself, I thought I'd instead collect comments about his death that would've made him smile. Like this one: Ironic that he had a "gift"( his job as a movie-goer/critic"....would that not be a fun job????!!!)...then started bashing those who had a different "thought than his". He continued to bash while he was silenced with cancer......some people never "get it"...never "shut up"...never focus on The Lesson. Had I been given the "gift" of such an insipid job (which made millions for him)....I would be grateful. I would not be bashing the Country nor the Conservative Founder's philosophy which made it all so possible. I would be GRATE-FILLED!! Had I been given a cancer which would silence me, I would reflect on the purpose of that. "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM!".....Psalm 46:10 Suffering...perhaps due to his lack of recognition of the Divine Master of OUR Country...and gratitude for his fellow American and the RIGHTS given to us by our Creator. I do not call his stubborn clinging to life as "brave".....what are the options?, at best... He would've loved someone turning his cancer into signs from an "[UN]GRATE-FILLED" God that he should shut up. This one too: In spite of the multitude of naive "film lovers" who wouldn't be able to recognize an effectively entertaining and well-crafted film, without a critic's advice, Ebert's reviews were, for the most part, foolish and off-the-mark. He was famous [= worthy of respect??] because of his early exposure on nationally syndicated AT THE MOVIES TV show. Like "Laugh-In," "Ray Harryhausen," "CNN," being first doesn't always make one the best, merely famous to the masses who are unaware of the subject matter. Every week Siskel would remind the nation the Ebert was an idiot, leaving Ebert to stare dumbly with his mouth open. Unfortunate that Siskel died first. Fortunate for Ebert. Conspiracy anyone? To be accused of putting out a hit on Siskel because Gene was the better film critic? He would have treasured that. This too: Ebert’s opinions have produced torture for as long as I can remember. Look on his death as a late term abortion...many years too late. All this unnecessary punctuation to punch the "abortion" line? He would've adored it. As well as this: I will NOT have ANYTHING good to say about him for Him, His “Industry” and the “Industry” that he reported on accelerated the ROT of our once-GREAT Country. He will stand before the “Great White Throne” to give an account of his life and receive JUDGEMENT! They say a person's life can be judged by the enemies he's made. As a pristine able-bodied specimen in perfect health, I don't know what it's like to face death, but if ever the day comes that I must, I only hope to be remembered so ungraciously by illiterate Christian bigots sporting tongues impervious to teeth. Because I'd like to know that I led a life worth living and, as Ebert's enemies make it abundantly...

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