Monday, 09 March 2015

SEK vs. ENT SEK needed to go to an ENT because his right ear is on the fritz. So he went to VERY YOUNG ENT's office in Prairieville, Louisiana, which may or may not have any bearing on what follows. VERY YOUNG ENT: (looking at -- but not reading -- SEK's medical file) This is a really thick file you have here. SEK: I do what I can. VERY YOUNG ENT: (putting down file) So what seems to the be the problem, man? SEK: My right ear is on strike. VERY YOUNG ENT: (puts otoscope in SEK's ear) Whoa, dude, how do you hear anything out of this? SEK: I don't at the moment. VERY YOUNG ENT: I mean, what about ever? SEK: What about ever what? VERY YOUNG ENT: What about how do you ever hear anything out of it? It's like your ear canal is upside down, man. SEK: It's not ideal. VERY YOUNG ENT: And what's up with your eardrum? SEK: (looking longingly as his unread medical history) There's a -- VERY YOUNG ENT: Giant hole in it, man. How'd that happen? I mean -- SEK: Tubes. Many sets of -- VERY YOUNG ENT: You don't need to tell me. That's giant -- like, giant. How are we even having this conversation? SEK: (resisting to the urge to say, "What conversation?") With effort. VERY YOUNG ENT: No doubt, man, no doubt. So it's not infected, it's just -- SEK: Weird? VERY YOUNG ENT: Very weird. Let me look something up. (leaves) And that's where SEK's story ends, at least for the moment, because SEK is still in the room where the VERY YOUNG ENT left him. After about 30 minutes SEK got so bored sitting in the room that he took out his laptop and wrote this. SEK isn't sure whether the VERY YOUNG ENT is coming back, or even if the VERY YOUNG ENT's offices are even open anymore. The rest of the story is available at Facebook because sorry, that's just where people "live-blog" stuff now.

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